A Content Creator’s Guide to Commissions

Getting the most out of GameWisp Commissions as a Content Creator

With the launch of GameWisp Commissions just around the corner we want to talk a little more about how it works! Our guide for artists and designers is available here.

Meanwhile, Content Creators — this is for you! Knowing what goes into a successful job listing is important. The best designer for you is out there, so let’s make sure you’re providing all the right info.

Job Postings

Before you post a job, really think about everything you want commissioned. Know the specifics of what you want in your designs:

* style of the commission
* dimensions 
* color palette you’d like used
* overall mood you’re trying to communicate

Designers appreciate specificity from their clients, and it means you’re more likely to get the end-result you’re looking for. It’s hard for them to create the exact thing you want when you don’t give them the right ingredients.

Be thorough and explicit when describing what you want commissioned. We promise, designers will always appreciate more information.

TIP: Be flexible with dates when posting a job. If you don’t need your designs created by the end of the week, don’t rush the job. Based on our conversations with designers, we think you’ll receive more bids. This will give you more options when selecting the right designer for you.


After submitting your information for the job, you’ll see a suggested price. This suggested price comes from countless hours of discussing fair pricing strategies with designers and content creators. Still, you can also always select any amount you wish. We recommend staying relatively close to the suggested price if you want to attract a quality artist. Designers can respond to your posting with a different price than you’ve suggested.


Once your job is posted, designers will have 48 hours to place bids before your listing expires. Make sure you carefully review each bid. Don’t just pick the lowest price, take a look at designers’ portfolios and what they can provide for your specific commission.

TIP: We recommend waiting until the end of the 48 hour bid period so you can carefully review each bid coming in.


In order to keep the commission process running smoothly and on schedule, make sure you’re responding to messages from your designers. They’ll be submitting drafts for you to review, and you’ll need to provide feedback so that they can either try again, or move on to the next steps. Keeping in touch assures you’ll receive your designs faster.

Commissions is our attempt at helping interactions between content creators and designers go as smoothly as possible. Creating thorough job listings and communicating with your designer will ensure that the finished work you receive is exactly what you’re hoping for. We believe that Commissions can help content creators get design work done faster, fairly, and with full confidence in the finished result.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and keep your eyes on this space for all the latest updates, news, and announcements from us at GameWisp!

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