A New Tier for your Affiliate Subscribers!

Plus extra emotes for GameWisp subs. Check it out…

GameWisp has always been about supercharging the idea of a streaming subscription. It’s not just about letting you design your own tiers, with your own prices, but about figuring out how to give fans even more, how to show them their support and viewership is appreciated in new, different, exciting ways.

That’s one of the reasons we built our original integration for Twitch partners. For those that don’t know, partners have long been able to link their GameWisp and Twitch pages, so subscribers to the latter had automatic access, at no extra charge, to a unique GameWisp tier, just for them.

Today, we’re excited to announce Twitch Affiliates can enjoy the same feature. That’s right: a free tier for all of your Affiliate subscribers.

Beginning next week, Twitch Affiliates using GameWisp will see the new level appear, automatically, in their Tier editor. This will operate just like every other GameWisp tier: add your unique custom benefits using the editor, then publish. Every user who subscribes to you on Twitch will automatically have access to this new tier, and the benefits it provides, at no additional cost.

Note: Your subscribers must connect their Twitch accounts to GameWisp to recieve their benefits. Be sure to remind your viewers to do so.

All of our integrations, from Discord, to bots, and everything else making use of our API, will work with the Affiliate tier, giving you access to all of the easy benefits and perks they provide.

Have you never used GameWisp? Maybe you used it in the past, but have since put your campaign on hold. Well, good news: You can use the Affiliate tier with or without additional paid tiers. But, those that do will get an extra little something…

All five emote slots to deliver custom emotes to their paid GameWisp subscribers. Right away.

Yup. Every Affiliate with a linked GameWisp campaign will immediately unlock their first five emote slots, so they can start delivering extra rewards to their GameWisp subscribers right away.

Those with active campaigns can further enhance them using this brand new feature, while those who just want to provide extra incentives to their Twitch subscribers can do just that, without any extra requirements.

For years, GameWisp has been out there making streams stronger and their subscriptions better. Badges and emotes, subscriber communication, alert integrations, community management. We’re excited to be bringing this, and more, to thousands of new creators, empowering them to take their new Affiliate subscription buttons to even greater heights.

This is only one of the many big developments we’ve got cooking in the kitchen, and it’s just an appetizer to whet your appetite. We’ve got even bigger things on the horizon that we can’t wait to show off, so keep your eyes peeled for more from the GameWisp crew. Making sure streamers can thrive while creating the content they and their fans love is what it’s all about for us, and we have no intention of stopping any time soon.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and keep your eyes on this space for all the latest updates, news, and announcements from us at GameWisp!

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