Ask Yourself: What’s #MyStreamerStory?

In the days leading up to TwitchCon, we want to hear your story.

Streaming is a journey.

While some folks enjoy it as a hobby, others are building careers. There are highs and lows. Streamers get up too early and stay up too late. Every stream represents countless hours of preparation and sacrifice that go into making it, and continuing to make it, a reality.

Over the past few years as a company, we’ve spent a lot of time meeting, one on one, with creators, and we’ve heard such diverse stories. Of military veterans. Of single parents. Of creators working full-time jobs elsewhere while streaming on the side, to those who dedicate themselves solely to their content. Users often share moments with us that motivate them to keep going, and it’s one of the better parts of our jobs. We think those stories are important.

Today, we want you to ask yourself: “What’s my #MyStreamerStory?”

We want to hear what made you fall in love with streaming, what makes all the hard work worth it. We want to hear about the joy you’ve felt, for yourselves and others, when finally becoming an Affiliate or Partner. We want to hear about the celebrations of your first GameWisp subscribers, your first payout. We want to hear about the tough times, the lonely days, the sick days, the days when things are particularly difficult, and how you and your communities work to overcome them. We want to hear about family and community, love and loss, hope and hard work.

More importantly, we’d love for you to share your stories with each other.

A streamer’s journey is unique, but the core experience is shared by millions of content creators and their communities across several platforms, in every country in the world. Share your story. It has the potential to make a big impact.

*Internet hug*

From now until October 23rd, we will be tagging and retweeting streamers who share #MyStreamerStory. Think of it as a hype-encouragement-kumbaya session as we embark on a road that begins on the way to TwitchCon.

We can’t wait to hear your stories. Together, they tell the tale of a journey bigger than one person, one company, one platform, or one fan. It’s the story of an entire industry, and we are incredibly thankful to be a small part of yours.

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