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Building a Content Career in Today’s Evolving Landscape

Content creation is a tough business. The way that you create content, distribute that content, and ultimately monetize that content is changing rapidly.

The move from video to live streaming has been happening for years, but now we are seeing shifts throughout the ecosystem. The days of exclusively ad supported content are quickly coming to an end.

You can see it everywhere. Big platforms and networks are going to their very own subscription models, quickly following the Netflixes, Hulus, and HBOs into a new world of viewer supported content.

User-generated content is not immune to these shifts. From Twitch, with its variety of new monetization tools, to produced-content creators looking for solutions like Patreon or GameWisp Subscriptions to make up for falling YouTube ad revenue, how you build a career as a content creator is changing every day.

At GameWisp, we’ve always viewed career building for content creators as a holistic process. A professional streamer or YouTuber’s list of responsibilities is extensive, with each entry just as important as the next. Just think of all the things you are responsible for in a single stream:

  • Hosting (the talk show kind)
  • Gaming/cooking/creating/etc.
  • Production
  • Audio/Video engineering
  • Marketing
  • Monetization
  • Community Management
  • Brand promotion
  • Data analysis

And those are just a few. Depending on your content, you may do any number of other jobs as well. Companies dedicate full-time employees to each of these endeavors on a regular basis, but you’ve learned to do it all, and to do it well.

GameWisp’s most important question has always been: how can we make these things easier?

Early on we realized that there was a need for someone to focus on the business and career side of streaming. What does good monetization look like? What about community management? Brand engagement and promotion?

If you have been following us over the past 3 years, you know that we started with the idea of monetization. We worked with many of you to understand the ways that each of you earns a living, how you get your fans involved, and how you build a foundation for sustainable revenue. Our subscriptions product was a result of those conversations.

But we understand that subscriptions are only one piece of the puzzle. To really build a career, you have to ensure that your community is healthy and growing, and you have to build additional sources of revenue on top of that foundation.

With the expansion of on-platform monetization sources, we’ve been freed up to think about other ways that we can help you reach your career goals as a streamer.

So we’ve begun working on GameWisp Manage.

We’ve found that understanding and, more importantly, communicating the nature of your community is one of the toughest things you do as a streamer. It’s so important to know what’s happening within your community, and to easily show off your accomplishments to those outside.

So we’re working to make it easier.

It’s impossible to encapsulate everything that makes your community unique with words and numbers. We’ve learned, however, that when you’re working with people who can help you as a creator and a business- maybe that’s a brand, maybe a game developer, maybe someone else entirely- those numbers provide important initial insights into your story. Together, they create a first impression, and you know how important a first impression can be.

That’s what we are working to make GameWisp manage: a tool for turning those numbers on a screen into a real, quality look at you and your community. A way to really show others, and yourself, what your content and community is and can be. A first impression machine. We’re incredibly excited about its potential.

If you want to be part of the process of building this new product, please take a minute to sign up here. We need your thoughts, your experience, and your feedback, to make sure GameWisp Manage is everything it can be.

Don’t forget to check out our brand new Commissions platform to get the art you need from great designers, and our Academy for some excellent professional development resources!

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