GameWisp Commissions is Here!

The Doors Are Open: Hire a Designer or Artist Right Now!

Content creators need professional art and designs. Designers and artists need work. GameWisp Commissions is here to help them all!

Commissions is home to designers and content creators looking to work with one another. We facilitate the connection, communication, and billing for a hassle free commission process. Content creators get professional, custom designs, and designers get a steady stream of work.

Starting today, GameWisp Commissions is open for business!

Content Creators can head to Commissions right now and order professional artwork from talented designers, who can use the platform to find work, communicate easily with their clients, and manage all of the annoying business logistics that come with working for hire. GameWisp handles the complicated stuff, so creators don’t have to worry, and designers can focus on what they love: design!

How does it work?

A content creator in search of a designer posts their job, with the Commissions platform guiding them through the process. Designers will bid, proposing a price and a number of revisions, on jobs to which they are suited, and the creator has 48 hours to look over their bids and select a designer. Once a content creator agrees to the bid, the guided commission process begins.

Both sides will be involved throughout the course of the project, with the designer providing drafts and the client providing feedback. All of this will be conducted through the Commissions platform.

You can read more about being a designer and content creator on GameWisp Commissions here and here, respectively.


As a Content Creator: A platform fee will be taken once a job is accepted. The platform fee will be paid on top of the Designer Price. It will be 3% of the job, with a minimum of $2.

For example: when commissioning a project for $100, the client will pay $103.

Once you accept a bid, you’ll be prompted to pay half of your total cost, including the platform fee. You will pay the remainder when you download the completed commission.

As a Designer: During the first month of GameWisp Commissions, there will be no designer fee! Designers will recieve the entirety of the commission cost, excluding the transaction fee listed above.

After the first month, a small fee will be subtracted from the agreed upon commission price. This fee is based on a progressive scale, listed below.

  • $1: $0-$25
  • $2: $25.01-$50
  • $4: $50.01-$100
  • $8: $100.01-$250
  • $16: $250.01-$750
  • $32: $750+

It’s Finally Time to Open the Doors!

This day has been a long time coming. We’ve been working on commissions for months, building it, tearing it down, and building it again, making sure it’s as perfect as can be. We’re beyond excited to finally be able to get it out of the shop and into the hands of content creators and designers who will use it to come together and create truly amazing things. GameWisp has always been about helping as many creators as possible be even better at what they do, and we think Commissions is a worthy addition to that tradition.

So, it’s time to stop reading and start creating! GameWisp Commissions is open for business.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and keep your eyes on this space for all the latest updates, news, and announcements from us at GameWisp!

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