It’s that time again, everybody! We’ve been just exploding, lately, with dozens of new channels launching every day! It’s been an absolute blast to watch the word spread.

We can’t thank you enough for letting us be a part of what you do. Seeing how much streamers and their communities mean for one another, and knowing we’re doing our part to help make that happen, makes our jobs super rewarding, and, once again, we have to thank you for that.

Remember, though, we can’t show everyone how awesome you are if you don’t reach out to us, right here, and tell us! We want to feature your channel, right here, in our next channel spotlight, just like the awesome creators below, so help us make that happen!

Anyway… on to the main attraction:

El Dirty Squirrel

I never thought I would see myself using an outside funding project until I discovered gamewisp. Even then, I had my doubts. Every new streamer wants to chase the dream of becoming a partnered broadcaster, but for most, its is a long, arduous journey.

Along MY journey, gamewisp has successfully helped me with some extra funding to help better my stream. Not only that, subscribers feel like they are getting a little bit more than just supporting the stream. From extra chat currency, to subscriber artwork, a viewer can now feel a bit more a part of the show.

See, I am just a squirrel, streaming from a little tree house. Yeah, I may be a bit nuts, but I strive to do some new, innovative things. Top tier subscribers get immortalized with a piece of art representing them, which is then placed in our background for everyone to see.

And integration with outside apps has made this as easy as burying your nuts. Through the use of other programs adapting the gamewisp api, everything has become automated. An alert even pops up, just as it would via a normal twitch subscription, so I don’t feel as segregated from some of the top streamers.

I think gamewisp has been the best, latest addition to the channel, and I know it will only continue to grow. I am excited to see further development, and can’t see myself going forward without my gamewisp!


GameWisp has meant the world to me and my followers. Since I started streaming, I have been extremely grateful to have a fantastic community that has constantly offered me support and love.

People would often ask me when I was going to get partnered, so they could sub, but, as I am sure you know, for new channels partnership is very far away. But GameWisp has offered me that functionality while still being a small growing channel.

I am still extremely grateful that anyone would subscribe to me and my content, and I intend on making sure its worth it going forward for each and every one of my followers.

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