The ‘Teams’ Twitch Extension is Live!

Promote your stream team with the new extension from GameWisp.

For a while, Twitch has been secretly working with on something with third party developers, like us, and last week they finally revealed the splendor that is Twitch Extensions to the streaming public.

As they explain in their announcement, Twitch’s new Extensions are “a brand new suite of tools that empowers you to make your channel more interactive than ever before. Built by the community, for the community, Twitch Extensions bring a new world of live apps to live streaming.” Streamers and content creators have long had to rely on the community to guide them through the internet wilderness towards third party apps and bots to manage their stream and the many responsibilities that comes along with it. Extensions begins the process of bringing these tools under one roof, making it easier than ever before to stream at a high level.

As I said, GameWisp has been working with Twitch on our own extensions, and we’re happy to announce that you can install and make use of our first foray into the space, our brand new Teams extension, right now!

Teams are a huge part of the streaming ecosystem. In addition to providing the essential support everyone needs from compatriots and coworkers, they’re also important for growing each stream, cross-promoting each other’s brands and helping to make everyone as successful as possible. Now, through the GameWisp Teams extension, it’s easy to show off your teammates, putting the roster right under your stream.

Installing the new extension is easy! Just head to the extension’s Twitch page here to get started.

This is our first extension, but it won’t be our last! We have even more tools coming to the space in the coming months, and even bigger announcements coming for the GameWisp platform itself, so stay tuned for all the cool stuff cooking in the GameWisp kitchen!

Go team!

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