TwitchCon 2017: A Brand New GameWisp

GameWisp is evolving so it can be there for every step of your streaming journey. At TwitchCon, we’re showing it off…

At GameWisp HQ, we’re counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to TwitchCon. Seriously. Thomas from the dev team made a countdown clock. It mocks us.

And now, it’s getting down to the final days. Or, at least, we assume so, given that the TV on which it was displayed is on its way to Long Beach to report for booth duty. Regardless, it’s time to show off some of the great surprises we have in store for everyone attending this year’s TwitchCon.

What’s going down at the GameWisp booth?

We are introducing a new era at GameWisp. You’ll notice new branding, new products (including the brand new GameWisp Commissions), and new people. Even with all the changes, our message is simple.

Streaming is a journey. It has a beginning and a destination. Along the way are all the places you want to see, the incremental goals you set for you and your community. We’ve built tools that can help you achieve those goals, no matter who you are.

Our Goal is Simple: Help Streamers Build Successful, Sustainable Careers.

Last week we told you we wanted streamers to ask themselves, “What’s #MyStreamerStory,” and we’ve already received inspirational responses.

Share your stories and journeys with each other and your communities as we all gear up for TwitchCon. Each streamer’s path is unique, but the core experience is shared by millions of content creators and their communities across several platforms, in every country in the world. We have made it our mission to understand and support you each step of the way.

Will there be new GameWisp products at TwitchCon?

Yes! Earlier this week, we launched Commissions, a platform that connects streamers with artists and designers. If you create emotes, overlays, logos, or anything else, come by our booth and pick up a designer badge that we made especially for you to give you a head-start on networking for the whole weekend.

The other projects we’ve been cooking up in the ol’ GameWisp lab are being kept under wraps until we hit the show floor, so be sure to stop by the booth to be the first to learn about all the cool stuff that’s coming soon! You’ll find a full spectrum of tools to help you along your streamer journey.

What else is going on in the booth?

You may remember that sweet, kind, adorable robot we introduced at conventions past named STACI. Ok, she wasn’t sweet, but she was helpful. She told you in simple, easy to understand, mildly insulting English whether you were likely to be partnered. This year, we’re bringing STACI back, but rebuilt from the ground up with a brand new mission. STACI’s job is to help you make a Streamer Resume and win sponsor prizes through our STACI Roulette game.

Prizes? Brands? Tell me more.

If you come to our booth and play STACI Roulette, you’ll have the chance to win prizes ranging from a GameWisp lanyard to game keys and green screens. Some of the prizes are from brands who helped sponsor the GameWisp booth. Some of the brands might want to follow up with you (if you opt-in). Some brands will even be in the booth with us. When you come play STACI Roulette, you’ll also enter a daily raffle. You can sign in once per day, so if you are at TwitchCon for the weekend, feel free to come by more than once.

Who are GameWisp’s sponsor brands?

AMD: Revolutionize your gaming experience with latest technologies, graphics, and server processors.

The AMD Streamer Lounge is located in the GameWisp booth. Come by and hang out.
  • RedBox: America’s Destination For Movie & Game Rentals.
  • OvrStream: A new animated alert and graphics app that allows you to create custom alerts and overlays, and connect them to your favorite services.
  • Proletariat (Streamline): A fast-paced, third person multiplayer arena game built for and around streaming. Take on the role of Broadcaster, Player, or Viewer and change the way the game itself is played!
  • Webaround: A simple green screen solution for content creators and streamers! By connecting itself to the back of any chair, the Webaround eliminates the need for expensive green screen setups that are hard to take down and transport to events. The best part: It takes less than a minute to set up or take down!
  • XSplit: Live streaming and recording software for games.
  • Restream: Gives you an ability to stream to multiple channels and platforms simultaneously.

Is there anything else?

We have much more to say, and a lot to debut, but we want to save most of the magic for the convention. We really appreciate all the support from the Twitch community, and we look forward to continuing to serve up ideas that change the industry for the better.

Share your story using #MyStreamerStory, and come see what we have in store for you in Long Beach.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and keep your eyes on this space for all the latest updates, news, and announcements from us at GameWisp!

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